Thank you for visiting my page 1mumintraining.

I hope to spread positivity & inspire mums all over the world of social media through my realistic pictures in squares and my stories through my blog. No clean & tidy kitchens here. 

Being a mum is really tough and no parenting course in motherhood exists – and you would never be fully qualified anyway. It’s also very easy to loose our identities when we lovingly grow our families. Easily done & hard to see yourself as anything but a mum. It’s even easier to see yourself as a failure when there’s so many beautiful instagram/facebook photos of someone you follow with that “perfect family life” or “angel kids”. I’m convinced they don’t exist. 

I would like to think I can relate to most mummys… I have been:

A single mum, a teen mum, a self-employed mum, a unemployed mum, a working mum, a student mum, a skint mum, a mum of one, a mum of two & a mum to my fiance – he’s the worst. 

I’ve also had a touch of PND & Anxiety while I juggle life and problems with a new baby.

BUT I am also Paige…

I love food and experimenting in the kitchen & sharing healthy recipes on social media. I also burn water. 

I love Costa. And cake.

I like to think I’m a gym bunny. But I’m easily distracted. Usually by Costa or Cake.

I love to party and dance till 4am or the point where I can’t walk. 

I also love sleep. It is a difficult choice sometimes.

I love my work, performing, planning events & teaching others to run their own businesses and have fabulous skin.

But I’m not a big lover of uni deadlines. 😂

What I am trying to say is we are more than just mums and it is hard to juggle everything. Don’t beat yourself up about not having a house like your favourite Instagram star. Real life is messy.

By spreading a bit of positivity & some funny stories of my real life amongst pictures of chaos – I hope to show you that you are not alone. We are all mums in training. And we get no fancy certification at the end – but we do get little monkey’s (with attitude) for life. 

Lots of love

Paige xxx